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Rufzeichen: aerowings
Sitz: München (EDDM)
Registrierte Piloten: 18 Piloten
Gefolgene Stunden: 825 Stunden
Durchgeführte Flüge: 288 Flüge
Zurückgelegte Meilen: 275923 nm
Transportierte Paxe: 29060 Paxe
Transportierte Fracht: 3290524 kg
Durchschnittliche Landerate: -172 feet/min
Flottenstärke: 24 Flugzeuge
Kontostand: 100046060 vEUR


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Welcome to aerowings

With our innovative concept, our values and our principles and with our own developments, have we created a virtual airline for you, the pilot.

Pilots orientation is for us a must! So, every pilot can be active on the further creation for the aerowings virtual airline, with suggestion, criticism or flight plan ideas. We will try to realize every idea as good as we can.
We stand to our consents and promise only that what we can keep. We communicate open and transparent and we supply to every criticism.

Ready for Walkaround von Justin F. (ARW0001) Innovations are on the first for us. We created our software by ourselves, the economy system is adjusted to a real airline and we try new functions, for example a rent, which the pilots must pay, if they want have a “apartment”.

A flat hierarchy ensures communication at eye level. The staff from the aerowings is every time via E-Mail or on the TeamSpeak 3 Server available. From flight department over system administration to the chief of staff: Everyone is for you request available.

Realism is one of the primary subjects for the aerowings: Pilot and airplane are fixed on their current position; moving is only possible via payment or with a flight. Maintenance, SITA, and an airline-account rounds our economy simulation. Our newest innovation is, that you can pay for status symbols and apartments. You must pay utilities, taxes and the rent. This all things are possible with the aerowings OneSystem, our self-created software. This software allows you to concentrate to your flight and you can be aware about the consequences of your actions.

Like in reality, our airplanes can be damaged from hard landings or from a bird strike. Everything simulates our aerowings OneSystem! Maintenance at our home base München, Germany, is also a must. A real maintenance plan from a real airline is the base for our maintenance and checks.

Cockpit-Panorama von Justin F. (ARW0001) aerowings is Germanys first virtual airline, which is taking care about data protection and service performance. All your personal details like your email address are completed encrypted and can only read from you. We host our server in Bonn (Germany), the exactly position is top secret. All data transmissions are encrypted and caned not read or hacked. 24/7 is a specialist to guard the server, closing security legs, to expand the storage or to make the network connection better available. We working for your fun at aerowings.

At the aerowings virtual airline you have very few commitments. You need a minimum activity of only one flight per month. If you be active then you can buy with your vEUR, our currency, virtual status symbols for example: a SUV, a house, or a private airport. If you reach the rank of a Senior-Captain, then you can get Steam-Keys with your vEUR.

The best thing is, it is free!

Register yourself now and get exclusive charter-rights to create own flights and fly wherever you want!

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You’re interested to fly in a virtual airline?
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You are at least 13 years old?
You can fly an average of an hour per week?
You want to be part of an innovative and lively concept?

Can you answer every question with Yes?

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Current Flights

Callsign Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot Distance
Currently, there are no flights.

Last flights

Callsign Departure Arrival Flight-Time Pilot Landingrate
ARW17MKSEQMKJFK05:20Justin F. (ARW0001)-214 feet/min
ARW713HEDDMEDDH00:58Justin F. (ARW0001)-397 feet/min
ARW10MKEDDMBIRK03:42Jonathan L. (ARW0056)-199 feet/min
ARW9LYPHNLYSSY09:37Nikola S. (ARW0045)-462 feet/min
ARW3LLKATLPHNL08:56Nikola S. (ARW0045)-169 feet/min