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Rufzeichen: aerowings
Sitz: München (EDDM)
Registrierte Piloten: 18 Piloten
Gefolgene Stunden: 825 Stunden
Durchgeführte Flüge: 288 Flüge
Zurückgelegte Meilen: 275923 nm
Transportierte Paxe: 29060 Paxe
Transportierte Fracht: 3290524 kg
Durchschnittliche Landerate: -172 feet/min
Flottenstärke: 24 Flugzeuge
Kontostand: 100046060 vEUR


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Rules and regulations of aerowings virtual airline

Basics for membership between pilot and aerowings
Version November 2017


No. 1: Definitions
No. 2: Membership
No. 3: Social Communications
No. 4: Tours and Events
No. 5: Flights
No. 6: Severability clause
No. 7: Effective
No. 8: Final Clauses


No. 1: Definitions
(1) “aerowings” means the union of virtual pilots in the aerowings network at aerowings.net.
(2) “Staff” means every member with management tasks in aerowings.
(3) “Chief of Staff” or "Board" means the Headquarter at aerowings.
(4) “Member” or “Pilot” means the user of the offer aerowings.

No. 2: Membership
(1) With the registration on aerowings, the pilot accepts the currently effective rules and regulation including all attachments.
(2) The membership can be canceled every time without a reason. The cancelation has to be in written form sendet to m e m b e r @ aerowings.net
(3) The pilot has to report per month at least one (1) flight with a minimum flighttime of one (1) hour.
a. If the pilot doesn't report the minimum-flight, aerowings is allowed to delete the pilot without any notification.
(4) Minors may enter into a membership only after consultation of the guardians.
(5) The membership is free of costs.
(6) The legal claim to a membership is excluded.

No. 3: Social Communications
(1) Participation in SITA (in-flight chat) and the TeamSpeak 3 Server is not mandatory, but each user has access to these services.
a. SITA is mandatory during events.
(2) It is a general netiquette. This includes a polite tone, safeguarding the rights of others, in particular the right to expressing their views and the right not to be discriminated against or offended.
(3) Only messages may be exchanged via the SITA system which have the backdrop of a secure processing of the flight. Other messages are kept to a minimum. For small talk there the TeamSpeak 3 Server.
(4) Usage of the SITA-System to send personal data like passwords or something like that is not allowed.
(5) Rules at the TeamSpeak 3 Server should be considered in addition to these rules and regulations. These are in the Channel “Einflugschneise”.
a. With changeing of the channel the additional rules are valid.

No. 4: Tours and Events
(1) Every tour and every event are provided for your convenience. Flying of these are wished, but not binding.
(2) To obtain a tour- or event award, the pilot must, after completion of the tour, submit a form. After sending the flights of the pilots to be checked manually. This process can take up to 7 days to complete.
a. If discrepancies are found upon review of a leg, the pilot, has to fly the leg again.
(3) Apply the tour and event rules for the corresponding event / the corresponding tour and should be considered in addition to these rules and regulations.

No. 5: Flights
(1) Flights have to be reported with our ACARS-System.
a. If a usage of the system is not possible, the pilot has to contact the Staff. In this case, the agreed with the Board regulations for carrying out the flight apply.
(2) The usage of the callsign "aerowings" is binding on networks like IVAO or VATSIM.
a. If rules of an event or a tour on these networks require a different callsign, the flightplan needs to contain the remark „OPR/AEROWINGS“.
(3) Booking of a flight blocks these for other pilots.
a. The blocking has a duration of
i. Two (2) hours, when the flight hasn’t started yet, or
ii. One day (24 hours) when the first try of the flight has started.
b. The blocking doesn’t apply for tours and events.
(4) When the pilot fly a charter flight, the flight is automatically booked. A flight number will be automatically generated.
a. For flying charter flights, the pilot needs a charter license.
b. For some routes, the pilot needs a different license.
c. License can be bought in the aerowings Webshop and have to renew.
(5) The pilot and out airplanes are on fixed locations, which the pilot can leave only with a transfer or a flight. Our airplanes cannot be transferred without a flight.
(6) If an incident happens during the flight, the ACARS will send, if the pilot agrees, in his name, an email to the flight operations-department.
(7) Our airplanes can be damaged or destroyed, if there is an improper handling like Stalls, hard touchdowns, overspeed or something like this. Negligent acts have, according to that the pilot will contribute to the costs for the repair or the disposal of the aircraft.
(8) The pilot has to inform hisself about messages at the OneSystem Dispatch.
a. The messages are considered as instructions for the flight to be carried out.
(9) The pilot has the opportunity to use the scheduling service of aerowings virtual airline. The corresponding description of services applies here.
(10) It is to use an airplane in a flight simulator, depicting the identical type of aircraft that has been specified during the flight booking.
a. A particular manufacturer of the aircraft (e.g., aerosoft, PMDG or iFly) is not specified.
b. The pilot is obliged to inform himself about the specifications and physical limitations of the aircraft type selected by him and to operate the aircraft to the best of his knowledge.
(11) Refueling during the flight is not allowed. The ACARS will not bill the flight and will file a report to the Chief Operating Officer.
a. Due to economic reasons, only the amount of fuel that is required for the flight, incl. Reserve fuel for holding over the destination and alternate airport, must be carried (block fuel).
(12) Each pilot has to independently ensure compliance with the flight duty time. The aerowings OneSystem will help him, but it will not take responsibility from him.
a. The flight duty time consists of the block time plus 30 minutes.
b. A maximum of 12 hours of flight duty per day may be incurred.
c. A maximum of 210 hours of flight duty may be incurred per calendar month.

Nr. 6: Salvatorische Klausel
Should these conditions or parts thereof are not valid, they must be replaced by equivalent. The validity of these rules and provisions will remain unaffected.

Nr. 7: Inkrafttreten
(1) These rules and regulations are, unless otherwise stated, effective directly and replace older versions completely.

Nr. 8: Schlussbestimmungen
Changes of these rules and regulations are announced by email. If there is seven (7) days after announcement of the change no reasoned opposition, the change was accepted automatically and are binding for the pilot.

The announcement of all applied changes was done at 19th of November '17 at 13 o'clock (CET).