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Rufzeichen: aerowings
Sitz: München (EDDM)
Registrierte Piloten: 33 Piloten
Geflogene Stunden: 1185 Stunden
Durchgeführte Flüge: 452 Flüge
Zurückgelegte Meilen: 437682 nm
Transportierte Paxe: 47238 Paxe
Transportierte Fracht: 4716365 kg
Durchschnittliche Landerate: -178 feet/min
Flottenstärke: 25 Flugzeuge
Kontostand: 279.061.994 vEUR


Our Partners

Our philosophy

Values and guiding principles take on a superordinate position, regardless of their development. They are present in every decision and form the framework for a long-term and trusting partnership and a trusting cooperation.

Realism Realism
True to the motto "As Real As It Gets", our airline is set up. With the help of economic simulation, fixed locations and aircraft maintenance, we are able to implement this motto. Sometimes it is possible that an airplane is not where it is needed. Then it has to be flown back. It should be noted that our pilots can not beam free. If a pilot wants to go to another location, he must either fly himself, or book a flight with our charter partner as Pax.

Humanity Humanity
Humanity is important to us. For this reason, we have a TeamSpeak 3 Server on which other things than the airline can be discussed. Some meet regularly to play different games. Special channels were set up for this.

Closeness Closeness
By means of a flat Hirachie, we are able to ensure that the communication between the member and the staff can run smoothly and directly. This creates closeness and a prosperous motivation in the airline.

Member orientation Member orientation
We place the individual needs of the member at the center of our actions: through a convincing concept, but above all through the special quality of our work! For this reason, it takes a bit longer for a feature to be established because we want to make sure everything works before we introduce it.

Innovative Innovative
Through our own, efficient software, including the OneSystem, our business and management system, as well as the aerowings.acars, our flight report software, we are able to stand out from the crowd. A own system administration, which is available 24/7 ensures that the server is running efficiently and there is no failures.

Safety Safety
Not only safety in the air, but also what unfortunately was too often neglected by virtual airlines, the topic of data protection is a priority for us. Our system administration permanently monitors the traffic on the server and enters immediately in emergencies. A permanent SSL / TLS encryption saves your data and all data is stored in the database with a 256 bit encryption. Only you have access to your data.

Team spirit Team spirit
We act in partnership and team-oriented. For us, team means that we communicate openly, fairly, directly and with great respect. We see factual criticism as an opportunity to further improve ourselves to be the perfect airline for you.

If you have any questions about our philosophy, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@aerowings.net!